Projection Advertising

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Projection advertising that does not damage the facade of buildings and is completely environmentally friendly.

Instead of the usual banners or roof structures, we created new outdoor advertising format. You can now project your business logo like the Jusan brand logo is projected onto building facades. Innovative advertising method created by our team here at One Gobo, and Jusan became our first client to tried this method.


Projection advertising is a simpler and more environmentally friendly alternative to other outdoor advertising methods. Projectors are used to display images on the facades of buildings, consuming less electricity than traditional lighted brandmauers or printing huge canvases. 

Jusan choosed our 300 Watts Projector because it aligns with their brand mission of supporting young entrepreneurs and promoting creativity and environmental friendliness. This year, Jusan is focusing on building brand awareness, and projection advertising on building facades works well in this direction.

Overall, this new outdoor advertising format offers a creative and environmentally friendly option for companies looking to promote their brand in an innovative way.