Green Projection: The Gobo 2.0 300W Transforms Advertising for Jusan

Discover how One Gobo's 300W projector is redefining outdoor advertising with sustainable, high-impact projection for brands like Jusan.
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  Empowering Eco-Friendly Branding with Gobo 2.0's 300W Projector. 

Instead of In the bustling cityscape, standing out without leaving a mark is the new branding frontier. One Gobo's Gobo 2.0 series, particularly the 300W model, is at the forefront of this revolution, offering a groundbreaking solution for projection advertising.

Projection Advertising: The Sustainable Choice

The Gobo 2.0's 300-watt projector is changing the game. Eschewing traditional methods, it offers an innovative way to captivate audiences without harming building exteriors. This approach aligns with the increasing demand for environmentally responsible marketing.

Dramatic night-time branding with Jusan logo projection on building by powerful One Gobo 300W projector.

Jusan's Visionary Advertising Leap: 

Jusan's selection of the Gobo 2.0 300W projector embodies their commitment to innovative and sustainable growth. By projecting their vibrant logo onto facades, they've not only minimized environmental impact but also maximized brand visibility.

Jusan brand logo illuminated on a city building at night by a One Gobo 300W projector, showcasing impactful urban advertising.

Why Choose Gobo 2.0's 300W Model?

With powerful illumination that doesn't sacrifice eco-friendliness, the Gobo 2.0 300W projector is ideal for businesses like Jusan that prioritize green marketing. It's a tool that not only brings brands into the spotlight but also reflects their values.

The Outcome: Visibility Meets Responsibility: 

The collaboration between One Gobo and Jusan has set a precedent for eco-conscious branding, demonstrating that impactful advertising can be achieved with a light ecological footprint.



The Gobo 2.0 300W projector stands as a testament to advertising that's both effective and responsible. It's a win for businesses, communities, and the planet, proving that your brand can shine brightly while still protecting the environment.

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