How to Change Your Gobo Lens

Follow these steps to change the lens in your 100-watt Logo Projector.

Step 1: Prepare Your Workspace

Safety First:Before you start, safety is paramount. Make sure your Logo Projector is switched off and unplugged. Allow it to cool down completely if it was recently in use.

Setting Up:
Choose a clean and flat workspace, free from dust and liquids. A stable workbench or table is ideal.

Gather Your Tools:
You’ll need a screwdriver that matches the bolts on your projector, typically a Phillips or flat-head. It’s also wise to have a small container to hold the bolts and prevent them from getting lost.

Step 2: Access the Lens Compartment

Removing the Bolts:
Locate the four bolts on the front casing of your projector. Using the screwdriver, gently unscrew each bolt. Take care not to strip the heads by applying too much force.

Opening the Case:
With the bolts removed, carefully open the casing to reveal the lens compartment. Be mindful of any wires or components that may be connected to the casing.

Step 3: Replace the Lens

Removing the Old Lens:
Take out the existing lens. If there’s a retaining ring holding it in place, unscrew or slide this off first.

Inserting the New Lens:
Place the new lens into the compartment. If your projector uses a retaining ring, secure the lens by replacing and tightening the ring.

Cleaning Tips:
Before sealing the compartment, use a soft, lint-free cloth to gently clean the new lens, ensuring there are no fingerprints or dust particles.

Final Step: Test Your Projector

Plug in your projector, turn it on, and direct it towards a flat surface. Check the clarity of the new lens.

Safety Check:
Finally, ensure all parts are secure and that the projector is assembled correctly to prevent any damage or hazards.

Troubleshooting Tips:

If you encounter any issues during this process, refer to our detailed FAQs or contact our customer support team for assistance.